SKIMS Soura Junior Resident Selection List 2023 Unveiled! Download Your Success Here

Exciting news is buzzing in the air for all you aspiring Junior Residents! The SKIMS Soura Junior Resident Selection List 2023 is out, and it’s time to download your ticket to success. Let’s dive into the details and make sure you’re all set for the next big step in your career journey.

The much-awaited SKIMS Soura Junior Resident Selection List for 2023 is now live. This is not just a list; it’s your golden ticket to the next phase of your career. The stakes are high, and we’re here to guide you through the process.

Head straight to the SKIMS website ( to get your hands on the magic list. It’s where dreams are turning into reality for many candidates. Don’t keep your success waiting; check it out pronto!

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Decoding Advertisement Notification No. SIMS/ACAD/ 20 of 2023

Before you jump into celebration mode, let’s understand the roots of this achievement. The magic lies in Advertisement Notification No. SIMS/ACAD/ 20 of 2023, dated 06.11.2023. This is the roadmap to your Junior Resident dream job.

Yes, you read it right – Provisional Success! Being provisionally selected is a huge deal. It’s like securing a backstage pass to your dream concert. But remember, the final show is yet to start.

>> JKSSB Sub Inspector Physical Test 2023 from 2nd of December

Hold on to your excitement because there’s one more step. On the 27th of November, 2023, at 11:00 A.M, you need to be at the Academic Section, SKIMS, for the verification spotlight. Make sure your documents are ready for their red-carpet moment.

SKIMS Soura Document Verification

Talking about documents, here’s your checklist for the verification gala:

  • MBBS Degree Certificate
  • Medical Registration Certificate
  • Internship Completion Certificate
  • Date of Birth Certificate
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Attempt Certificate
  • Marks Certificates (10th, 12th, MBBS All Profs.)

The Countdown to Your Junior Resident Status

While being in the provisional list is thrilling, it’s not the final applause. The final selection encore is waiting for the successful verification of your documents. Keep the excitement alive, but stay grounded until the curtains close.

Important Dates and Distribution Deets

Mark the date – 25.11.2023. It’s the day the notification dropped. Copies are circulating with No. SIMS/305 05/Acad. /444/23- aa2-6, and it’s not just a memo; it’s a ticket to your dream destination.

Wondering about “OF 2023”? It’s not just a code; it’s your backstage pass. Decode its magic, and you’ll see the connection it holds to your dreams.

Your credentials are the heartbeat of this verification process. It’s the rhythm that will set the tone for your Junior Resident journey. Don’t let it miss a beat!

Yes, we get it; the excitement is hard to contain. But a friendly reminder – being provisional doesn’t guarantee the spotlight. It’s like being on standby for the main act. Keep your cool and ensure your documents shine bright.